Gone-away and deceased file suppression

Reduce costs & prevent distress and complaints

Suppression objectives are

1) to remove gone-aways which waste money and resources and
2) remove deceased names from the file to prevent distress, unwanted aggravation and complaints.

For 'gone-away' suppression we can check your file against 6 possible files: Royal Mail NCOA (12M records) and the REaD group GAS suppression file (15M records) and the NSF (National Suppression File) (8M) from the DMA, and the new USS (12M) (Universal Suppression File) from the Royal Mail, and the Experian Suppression File (gone-aways and deceaseds), and the Acxiom Purity File of verified gone-aways.

NB:- We always apply the cheapest suppressions first in order to minimize your suppression costs.

To remove deceased records we use: Mortascreen, mainly compiled by Smee & Ford from probated wills and the REaD group Bereavement Register - compiled from cards filled out at the Registrar of Births and Deaths.

We can also remove MPS (Mail Preference Service), ie those people who have requested 'no cold mail' - this is a requirement for recruitment campaigns. We also hold the Baby MPS ( enables parents who have suffered a miscarriage or breavement of a baby in the first weeks of life to register their wish not to receive baby related mailings).

For each suppression job we have a fixed processing charge of just £75 regardless of the size of your file (whether 5,000 or 5,000,000) - plus the 'hit' charges - ie. each deceased or gone-away removed or flagged.

Hit Charges for suppression or flagging are (each):-

Gone-Away Suppression: Royal Mail: 14p, REaD GAS: 19p, Expression (Previously NSF): 25p (20p to DMA members), USS: 15p, Experian File : 16p, Acxiom Purity: 16p

Deceased Suppression: MortaScreen : 19p, Bereavement File 19p

Flagging your own data: You can choose to have flags affixed to your data rather than suppressing your records. Our costs for flags are the lowest in the UK:- GAS flag: 49p, Mortascreen flag: 38p, Bereavement Register flag: 54p, Royal Mail USS flag: 25p, Acxiom Purity flag: 25p.

{MPS or Baby MPS suppression is charged at 50p per thousand records checked}

Call us on 01947 824710 for a quotation or use our online 'Request Info' page by clicking here or click here for our price list.

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